The day I saw the Queen

One day, a few years ago, I was walking home from work. I got to a set of lights and waited for them to change. They seemed to be taking a long time to change, but then I saw a police motorcycle pull up at the lights. You know, one of those fancy ones they use for VIPs. 

I was working for the Olympic Security Command Centre at the time, so I knew a thing or two about security procedures. I guessed that someone important was about to turn up. 

Sure enough, it was the Queen. 

It was a quiet street, and the only people waiting to cross at this set of lights were a homeless person wearing a dirty old blanket and me. Then something weird happened. She waved at us. Waved. Waved at an aging hippie and some homeless dude. It was then that I realised that she never turned off. She was always The Queen.

Couldn’t she see that we were just a couple of dudes? It’s not like we were standing there with Union Jacks in our hands, waving them wildly. We were just a couple of smelly middle-aged men waiting at some traffic lights. 

Think about it. If anyone else had been driving past the two of us — waving at us — I would have thought they were crazy. Why are you waving at us? I don’t know you, you don’t know me. But when you’re The Queen, you can do crazy things like that.

Maybe that’s why she waved — because she can get away with that kind of behaviour. “Oh look Phil, a homeless man and an hippie. Watch this, I’m going to wave at them…haw haw haw!”

Who knows. Maybe she just took a shine to the homeless guy…

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