What will your pandemic story look like?

So many parts of our lives are out of our control at the moment. Where we go. Who we can see. Whether we have a job or not. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have some choices about how we live our lives. And although we all share the same inciting incident, the stories we will tell each other when all this is over will be different.

So, let me ask you this; what will your pandemic story look like?

Will you be the person who hoarded toilet paper, or the person who thought carefully about what they actually needed to buy?

Will you be the person who spread anxiety, or the person who mindfully tried to control their stress?

Were you the person who spread false rumours and fake news, or the person who used social media to reach out to friends and family to support and care for them?

Were you the person who listened to advice, or put yourself ahead of all others?

Did you give people space, or expect others to make space for you?

Did you practice social distancing because you were afraid to catch COVID-19, or because you were trying to avoid inadvertently spreading the virus?

Did you stay at home as much as you could, or did you go out whenever you felt like it?

Were you Trump, or were you Adern?

Were you the person who allowed their fears to feed racism and bigotry, or did you embrace the world as a global family all fighting the same enemy?

Were you the person who complained that their beach was closed, or appreciated the need to close some public spaces?

Did you treat your lockdown like a prison sentence, or as an opportunity to spend more time with your family, or to achieve personal growth?

Did you use Netflix as a babysitter, or did you actively guide your kids through the challenges of home learning?

Did you allow your kids to roam the neighbourhood on their bikes unsupervised, or did you actively engage your kids in family activities?

Did you learn a new skill, or fell back on bad habits?

Did you stay fit, or reach for another packet of Tim Tams?

Did you support your local cafes?

Did you hire a tradie?

Did you thank the people who continued to work in jobs that supported your community, or treat them with suspicion?

Did you appreciate the clean air and quiet streets?

Did you celebrate the birds outside your windows?

Did you spend your time hiding from ogres, or riding unicorns?

Did you write your own story, or allow others to write it for you?

And on the great ledger of life, did you do more good than bad?

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