Why Dylan’s “Rough and Rowdy Ways” Deserves To Exist

Numerous times during this pandemic, I’ve seen some people put forth the idea that it would be best to let the virus run its course, infect us all, and bugger the consequences. Sure, some older and more vulnerable people might die, but at least the economy will be OK, and we’ll all still be inContinue reading “Why Dylan’s “Rough and Rowdy Ways” Deserves To Exist”

Sustainable Living vs Lockdown Life

Last week I wrote about how closely my usual lifestyle resembles my lockdown life. But I think it goes further than that. I believe there are many ways in which our lockdown lives mirror a more sustainable life. We’re flying less I’m not a traveller. I’ve only ever flown around six times in my life, andContinue reading “Sustainable Living vs Lockdown Life”

My Strangely Normal Lockdown Life

It’s pretty much fair to say that most people’s lives have dramatically changed during the lockdown. (And yes, I know Australian political leaders have pretty much avoided using that term, but that’s precisely what it is.) But for me, life is strangely “business as usual”. My life before the lockdown Before the lockdown, I workedContinue reading “My Strangely Normal Lockdown Life”

The Most Unfortunate Person In The World

Humanity consists of a broad spectrum of people; different races, different cultures, different circumstances. Like many of you, I’m prone to forgetting how privileged I am sometimes. I can suffer from “first-world” problems with the best of them. When I do, I try to remind myself that most people aren’t as privileged as me, notContinue reading “The Most Unfortunate Person In The World”