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We’re all storytellers

We all have a story to tell; a message we all want to share with the world. It’s in our DNA. Whether it’s having a chat with a friend over a coffee and cake, posting thoughts on Twitter, or updating your status on Facebook, we’re all storytellers. Some of you might even write blogs or record podcasts. Storytelling is a normal part of everyone’s life.

But how do you make sure your storytelling is the best it can be?

No one writes alone

There is a myth about the lonely writer; how storytellers hide away in earnest seclusion waiting for inspiration to strike. And while that might be true for a first draft, the reality is that nearly every piece of writing you have ever read is a collaboration between the writer, their beta readers, their editors, and stakeholders. Writing is a collaborative process. 

Content Creation

My speciality is in storytelling; blog posts, personal or brand biographies, tutorials or instructional documentation, or scripts for videos or podcasts; Anything that needs a strong storytelling element.

My preferred tone and style is conversational. I love creating emotionally engaging copy that attracts potential customers to your product or service by weaving a compelling story.

Check out my Contently Portfolio for some examples of my work, or read these testimonials.

Editorial Services

If you prefer to be your own storyteller, then I can be your second pair of eyes. Everyone needs a beta reader at some stage in their writing project to ensure your story is hitting all the right notes. Plus I can help you with SEO and proofreading. 

I can also review your existing website or other collateral and give you feedback any problem areas, or come up with a plan of action to help you update your brand story.

Mentoring and Education

Do you or your team want to become better storytellers? I can create bespoke workshops to help you improve your writing skills, and teach you how to become better beta readers, reviewers, and editors. I can hold these in person if you’re in Sydney (and near public transport) or virtually using video conferencing.

Multimedia Services

I offer a range of multimedia services, including video production, scriptwriting and voice-overs. If you have made a home recording for a podcast or recorded some music, I can clean-up your recording, and even mix and master it.

I can also create bespoke music for your video or podcast, including short theme tunes, or loopable samples that you can use as background music. For example, here’s a theme tune I produced for the Chicks Who Click podcast.

My Rates

My rates vary depending on the type of organisation commissioning the work, and the complexity of the work involved. I can charge by the word for smaller jobs, or by the hour or day for longer projects. If you have a limited budget, I’m also open to providing a fix-priced quote, especially if you are a not-for-profit organisation.

I use the rates of pay guidelines provided by the Australian Society Of Authors as a baseline for any quote. Because I choose to earn less than the GST threshold each year, I do not charge GST.

Contact Me

If you’re interested in using my services, use this form to send me a quick outline of the work involved, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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