Kristina Maultsby

Senior Manager, Content Design at Acoustic

A photo of Kristina Maultsby

Over the past two years, I’ve had the pleasure of being John’s manager. John has a passion for writing and telling stories, and every day I continued to learn from him. In fact, I think we learned a lot from each other. Not only is he dedicated and passionate about what he does, he’s kind, generous, and humble. John is hardworking, tenacious, and thorough. He gets the job done and really takes the time to get to the value and the “why” of his content. He’s a craftsman with words and produces content that’s easy to read and understand.

I enjoyed watching him grow from a talented writer to an editor that shared his expertise through workshops and collaborative writing sessions. John has a natural knack for giving constructive feedback in a very relaxed way. He is adept and nimble with words and coming up with sentences on the fly as he worked 1:1 with members on my team. He is an approachable, easy going guy that would weave in well with any team. You’ll be amazed at how quickly he can transform any type of writing into a very polished and conversational piece. John was born a storyteller and will most certainly help you shape your story.

Tanya Shearon

Content Strategist at Acoustic

A photo of Tanya Shearon

John is a storyteller, a master craftsman of words, editor, innovator, and shaper of team standards and culture. As his colleague, lead, and information architect for over 15 years at IBM and Acoustic, I know firsthand that John is not satisfied with just meeting requirements that follow conventional content design standards. He wants to bring so much more to the table. He has a deep desire to evolve content standards, inspire other writers around him to recognize the craft behind writing, and a passion for building the perfect tone for any solution.

Over the past few years, John and I have embarked on a new path of discovery and content strategy. We dreamed about what our content could become by applying a storytelling approach to our content. We started with a simple conversation about the possibilities of what we could create, rather than just letting existing patterns box in our creativity. Then we moved on to playing with tone, modernizing our text, prototyping ideas, creating inspirational and educational storytelling sessions, and designing workshops. Our vision was to connect to our readers, support them, and use the same conversational tone that we had with each other within the articles we created.

John has a natural talent for making the complex feel simple with the words and videos he creates. He builds a rhythm with his words that makes you feel like he is talking to you across a table while drinking a cup of coffee. I deeply believe that John is the secret to creating content that feels simple, enjoyable, and conversational.